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Our principle is to serve our community & new customers satisfactorily. We ensure with many automated processes that you can basically move easily and efficiently in our online store. If something doesn't go as you would like, feel free to leave feedback!
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We will ship the 1D LSD in no time! Do not worry about shipping, because it is lightning fast. As soon as you have placed your order and made the payment, we will make sure that your 1D LSD order arrives promptly. If there are any problems with shipping, we will take care of that too. Because only if you had a satisfying experience with us can we be satisfied!

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We ship & accept payment for the 1D LSD not only in Germany. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid if you come from America, for example. Through our clever systems we have everything exactly in view and you receive your order outside Germany, almost as fast as within Germany. Through our tools, the price will be automatically adjusted to your currency, this makes the situation easier for us as a 1D LSD dealer & for you as a loyal customer.

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No matter where you are from, we work the same. We make sure that your 1D LSD order arrives in such a way that nobody really knows what the shipment is about. If you have any questions about our packaging, feel free to visit our Payment & Shipping section or our FAQ.



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